Answers to True or False

Question 1: True - Daniel was thrown into the Lions den (but God protected him from the lions.)
Bible reference is: Daniel Ch 6 vv16 - 22

Question 2 : False - Noah had three sons and no daughters.
Bible reference is: Genesis Ch 9 vv 18,19

Question 3 : True - John the baptist's food was locusts and wild honey.
Bible reference is: Mark Ch1 v6

Question 4 : False - Samson's strength was only present when the Spirit of the Lord was upon him. Allowing his hair to be cut was a mistake Samson made because he had vowed before God he would not cut his hair and had therefore broken his vow and God's Spirit left him.
Bible reference is: Judges Ch14 vv 5,6

Question 5 : False - Jonah was swallowed by a whale (or great fish).
Bible reference is : Jonah Ch 1 v 17

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