Games and Puzzles
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Title Game or Puzzle What's it all about?
Boulderdash Multi Level Game Grab the diamonds, move the boulders and dodge the butterflies
Snake Action Game Grow the Snake and miss the walls
Bubble Puzzle Shoot 'em up Game Knock Down Coloured Bubbles
Car Race Racing Game Race around a Twisting Track
Draw Wall Painting Game Sign Your Name on Our Wall
Jonah and The Whale Dodging Game Help Jonah avoid the Whales
Jacob's Ladder Board Game Between Heaven and Earth
Cross Check Crossword Puzzle Bible/General Knowledge
The Garden Game Board Game A Journey in the Garden
Treasure Island Board Game Collect all the Gold
Earthland to Gloryland Board Game Be the first one to Gloryland
Find the Twins Puzzle Identify the Identical Twins
Slider Tile Thingy Puzzle Slide tiles to form a picture
Word Guessing Game Try to guess the Bible Word
Kid Explorers Games and much more Adventures in the rain forest